The Long Wait

Available now for pre-order: The Long Wait (and other stories). 25 short stories which are the perfect antidote to the overly joyous holiday period.

Release date: 17th December on Kindle and paperback.

Paul Blake, the author of A Young Man’s Game and A Few Hours After This, brings you his second short story collection: The Long Wait.

It contains twenty-five stories that cover a range of themes: from dragons swooping through a forest, to a soldier coming home to meet up with his sweetheart, to a Prime Minister and his meeting with the Loch Ness Monster, to a family sitting watching television in a bombmaker’s home, to a tale of revenge and ambition in a future city, to a man transported from the streets of New York to the wilds of a jungle and back.

There are stories of serial killers, time-travelling police, dystopian game shows, award ceremony carnage, creepy old men offering fame for a price, life after Covid, virtual-reality mishaps, prehistoric invention, parasitic alien creatures, and much more.

Get into your favourite reading spot, wrap yourself in a blanket, and lose yourself among a multitude of characters and settings.