Paul Blake Interviewed

There is more information than you could ever want to know to about me in these two interviews. In this interview with Rebecca Yelland, I discuss my writing career, how writing affects my family, and other very interesting matters. In this interview with Mike Chapman, I discuss A Young Man’s Game, my research trip for the novel, the publishing process, and dialogue in … Continue reading Paul Blake Interviewed

Shaddup You Face – Short Story

This short story was written for the regular forum competition I write for. The topic was ‘Alternative History Wikipedia: Up to 2000 words creating a wiki-style entry for a famous person from history but rewriting their lives.’ It’s not something I have tried before and ones I have read tend to need the reader to actually know about the person to see where fact becomes fiction. … Continue reading Shaddup You Face – Short Story

Choosing the Right Name for Your Story

Via This is a really good article about choosing the right title for your stories. It is from the excellent writers’ resource – Writing I found this very useful when thinking about a title for my upcoming novel A Young Man’s Game. I hope you find it just as useful. Choosing the Right Name for Your Story By John Floyd So what’s in a title? … Continue reading Choosing the Right Name for Your Story

Thoughts and Prayers – Short Story

I wrote this story the day after hearing about the tragedy at the Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Being English it’s a subject that is quite alien to me. We haven’t had a school shooting since 1996. Whereas in the US it is common-place, there has even been shootings since Parkland happened. Yesterday across America hundreds of thousands of people attended the March … Continue reading Thoughts and Prayers – Short Story


Via I found this article by Nathan Bransford about Conflict in writing really useful when planning my novel. I planned the chapters around the conflicts the character would have, and when writing the story I kept in mind the ethos of this piece. Nathan’s book How to Write a Novel is a great resource that covers writing a novel from the initial idea all the … Continue reading Conflict

Five Rules for Writing Thrillers

Via I have submitted the completed manuscript of my novel: A Young Man’s Game and I thought I’d share an article by the amazing David Morrell (One of my favourite writers) that really helped me in the initial planning stages. If you’re going to write a thriller novel you should really learn from the best. David’s website is at and the article link is at … Continue reading Five Rules for Writing Thrillers

Writing the End for a Short Story

via Writing the Ending for a Short Story I found this article while looking for advice to give a fellow writer. I thought it was really good so I thought I’d re-blog it (my first re-blog!) It doesn’t look like the blog has been updated in a long while, which seems a shame as from first impressions it looks like a great resource. The blog … Continue reading Writing the End for a Short Story