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Closedown – Short Story

My latest short story - Closedown. This was written in response to the prompt 'It's the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)'. I started writing another story, a fictional take on the start of the Covid pandemic but it went over the word count and I was only halfway… Continue reading Closedown – Short Story

Short Story

The Offer – Short Story

The Offer - Short Story My latest short story The Offer was written for the NYC Midnight short story challenge 2020. I have been interested in entering this competition for a couple of years now and life got in the way. This year I said to myself "Screw it, just enter already." So I did.… Continue reading The Offer – Short Story

Short Story

Homeward Bound – Short Story

My latest short story - Homeward Bound. A little different from the last story I posted. This one was written in relation to the prompt: 'Despite all the obstacles Jerry saw before him, he just knew he had to get home for Christmas.' I kinda fudged the Christmas part, but I think it was worth… Continue reading Homeward Bound – Short Story

Short Story

Virtual Encopresis – Short Story

My latest short story Virtual Encopresis. The prompt for this story was 'Hitting rock bottom was hard, but it was fun getting there.' It was tough to come up with a story that wasn't a rag to riches and back again tale of hubris. I think my take works, let me know in the comments… Continue reading Virtual Encopresis – Short Story

Short Story

Welcome to the Jungle – Short Story

This month's short story is a fun adventure type story. The writing prompt was a song title of Bob Marley's Legend album. The title Concrete Jungle struck a chord with me getting my brain to tick over. I had a couple of ideas (that I have filed away for possible future stories) and choose this… Continue reading Welcome to the Jungle – Short Story

Short Story

Paper Falling from the Sky – Short Story

My latest short story Paper Falling from the Sky. I hope you enjoy it, let me know in the comments. As ever if you prefer to read offline, here is a PDF version of the story for you - Paper Falling from the Sky - Paul Blake PDF Paper Falling from the Sky   “Father!… Continue reading Paper Falling from the Sky – Short Story

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Short Story Collection Published!

I apologise for the gap in posting. I have been working on a few things. One of these is the publishing of two of my short stories in a collection on Amazon. The collection is called Love In The Mind and contains two new stories - both are previously unpublished: Don't You Forget (About Me):  Isabelle… Continue reading Short Story Collection Published!