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Let The Bodies Hit The Floor – Short Story

My latest short story is based on the writing prompt Safety in Numbers. It's a little more gruesome than my usual stories, but I feel it fits in with the subject matter, and it's not as though I'm a children's author. My next story Suncatcher will be a lot more wholesome, promise. As ever if… Continue reading Let The Bodies Hit The Floor – Short Story

Short Story

The Onward Journey – Short Story

After the craziness and slapstick of my last short story The Monster I wanted to go in a different direction for my latest The Onward Journey. The theme for the story was: A journey to the other side. As ever if you prefer to read offline you can download a pdf of the story: The… Continue reading The Onward Journey – Short Story

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Indie Books – They’re Still Awesome.

Back in March 2019, I posted a list of highly recommended books by Independent Authors I had read since joining the writing community on Twitter. If you missed it you can read it here - It's been 18 months, and I feel it's time to add to the list as I've read some damn… Continue reading Indie Books – They’re Still Awesome.

Short Story

Virtual Encopresis – Short Story

My latest short story Virtual Encopresis. The prompt for this story was 'Hitting rock bottom was hard, but it was fun getting there.' It was tough to come up with a story that wasn't a rag to riches and back again tale of hubris. I think my take works, let me know in the comments… Continue reading Virtual Encopresis – Short Story

Short Story

Standing On A Beach – Short Story

My latest short story. It was based on a writing prompt "And with that, they pulled the shutters down to mark the end of the summer season..." I found this very tough as any attempt turned into a parody of the Bill Murray 'Meatballs' movie. Eventually, I found my groove and came up with a… Continue reading Standing On A Beach – Short Story

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Gang Aft A-gley – Short Story

A meteoroid circles the globe. Round and round and round it goes, and where it’ll stop nobody knows. If you prefer to read offline you can download a PDF copy of this story here. Gang Aft A-gley - Short Story   The meteoroid streaked across the twilight sky, a dark smoky trail following, stretching across… Continue reading Gang Aft A-gley – Short Story