The Rezal Principle – Short Story

  Taking a break from flogging my book. Today, I’m giving you another free short story. Introducing: The Rezal Principle. This was my fifth assignment and scored very well. As ever the word.doc to download if you prefer – The Rezal Principle – Paul Blake The Rezal Principle   The mop bucket weaved along the smooth, white corridor; like a regular in a spaceport bar, drunkenly … Continue reading The Rezal Principle – Short Story

Emotional Torsion – Life Writing

My fourth assignment was to create a piece of life writing. I found this very hard to write due to the emotions I experienced at the time. Instead of a linear piece I tried writing this in a non-linear fashion. I think it works quite well. Emotional Torsion – Paul Blake – in .docx format for you to download Emotional Torsion The ambulance sped down the A12, … Continue reading Emotional Torsion – Life Writing

Immolation – Poem

This post is about the third assignment I wrote. This one was about poetry, shout out to my Auntie Ann, who is looking to restart writing poetry. This was the first poem I had written for decades. Hope you enjoy: Immolation – Paul Blake – in .docx format for you to download Immolation   ‘Wretches disperse, or face punitive action!’ The horde ignores, there’s no visible reaction. … Continue reading Immolation – Poem

Don’t Always Trust the Street Food – Short Story

My second assignment was to write a 2200 word short story. I wanted to try writing in a different point of view so chose to write in Third Person Limited. Here is the result: Word format – Don’t Always Trust the Street Food – Paul Blake   Don’t Always Trust the Street Food   He woke suddenly, a tremendous pain behind his eyes, pulsating with every heartbeat, … Continue reading Don’t Always Trust the Street Food – Short Story

Watching – Short Story

Welcome to my blog. I started writing in September 2016 at the age of 41. That was when I first discovered letters, before that I always wondered what those funny shapes meant. I had been doing an Open University BSc Computing and IT degree for six years. Struggling with learning programming languages and running out of time to complete the degree. I decided to change … Continue reading Watching – Short Story