Short Stories

Here are the links to my short stories in one handy place.

The Cracked Limelight – Short Story

A Hollywood Awards night takes a violent turn.

Project Aegis – Short Story

A time-travelling hitman waits for an aeroplane to crash before carrying out his mission.

Homeward Bound – Short Story

Armistice was a long time ago. Jerry is aching to return home to his Margaret and restart his life after World War Two.

Virtual Encopresis – Short Story

Virtual reality and online gaming meet in this story about achieving your dreams but coming back to down to earth with a splat.

Standing On A Beach – Short Story

Gelatinous bodies are discovered in this sleepy British seaside town.

Welcome to the Jungle – Short Story

After a boozy night out, Johnson takes the long way home from the streets of New York to the Amazon rainforest.

Paper Falling from the Sky – Short Story

A son and his father watch as an explosion tears through the heart of London.

Behind Closed Doors – Short Story

In order to recover himself, Andrew has to walk the course.

Gang Aft A-gley – Short Story

A meteoroid is headed towards Earth when something goes wrong. Where it lands nobody knows. This story is from my collection A Few Hours After this.


If you like these, I have collated 26 of my other short stories into a collection A Few Hours After This available in paperback and Kindle formats. Details are on this page – A Few Hours After This

A Few Hours After This Front Cover - resized