Short Stories

Here are the links to my short stories in one handy place.

Let The Bodies Hit The Floor

Harvel is brought to a platform in the middle of the ocean. His goal: To win the GAME.

Voice of the Voiceless

Mark becomes obsessed with the Government’s handling of the Covid pandemic and decides to take matters into his own hands.

The Onward Journey

Peter goes to The Onward Journey to choose his destiny. Will he stay or let go?

The Monster

Two fearsome sea creatures go head to head in this thrilling story of kidnap and terror.

The Lucky Ones

Private Fletcher is very lucky, unfortunately others do not share the same trait.

The First Cut is the Deepest

A man and a woman sit opposite each other. The woman is tied to her chair, the man is spinning a knife in his hands.

True Faith

A modern retelling of the biblical story Abraham and Isaac

Something in the Air

Exploring life after lockdown.

Closedown – Short Story

Neil’s lazy Sunday is interrupted by a clock whirring backwards…

The Offer – Short Story

After an argument with his girlfriend due to his lack of ambition, Joel meets an old man who offers him fame in exchange for carrying out an errand.

The Cracked Limelight – Short Story

A Hollywood Awards night takes a violent turn.

Project Aegis – Short Story

A time-travelling hitman waits for an aeroplane to crash before carrying out his mission.

Homeward Bound – Short Story

Armistice was a long time ago. Jerry is aching to return home to his Margaret and restart his life after World War Two.

Virtual Encopresis – Short Story

Virtual reality and online gaming meet in this story about achieving your dreams but coming back to down to earth with a splat.

Standing On A Beach – Short Story

Gelatinous bodies are discovered in this sleepy British seaside town.

Welcome to the Jungle – Short Story

After a boozy night out, Johnson takes the long way home from the streets of New York to the Amazon rainforest.

Paper Falling from the Sky – Short Story

A son and his father watch as an explosion tears through the heart of London.

Behind Closed Doors – Short Story

In order to recover himself, Andrew has to walk the course.

Gang Aft A-gley – Short Story

A meteoroid is headed towards Earth when something goes wrong. Where it lands nobody knows. This story is from my collection A Few Hours After this.

If you like these, I have collated 26 of my other short stories into a collection A Few Hours After This available in paperback and Kindle formats. Details are on this page – A Few Hours After This

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