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True Faith – Short Story

My latest short story is a little different from the recent stories I have posted. I wanted to take a classic bible story and put a modern twist on it. The story of Abraham and Isaac has always been a strange one for me. Wondering why Abraham would willingly sacrifice his son just to prove… Continue reading True Faith – Short Story

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Something in the Air – Short Story

My latest short story - Something In The Air. The theme for this story was Life After Lockdown. It wouldn't be me if I went for a cheery story. As after if you prefer to read offline you can download the PDF here: Something in the Air - Paul Blake Something in the Air  … Continue reading Something in the Air – Short Story

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Closedown – Short Story

My latest short story - Closedown. This was written in response to the prompt 'It's the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)'. I started writing another story, a fictional take on the start of the Covid pandemic but it went over the word count and I was only halfway… Continue reading Closedown – Short Story

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The Offer – Short Story

The Offer - Short Story My latest short story The Offer was written for the NYC Midnight short story challenge 2020. I have been interested in entering this competition for a couple of years now and life got in the way. This year I said to myself "Screw it, just enter already." So I did.… Continue reading The Offer – Short Story

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The Cracked Limelight – Short Story

My latest short story - The Cracked Limelight was written in response to the prompt '"And the award for best┬áblank goes to.....". The story for a change didn't go exactly as I planned. I, kind of, let the characters decide what happened. That's not normally how I write. I'm usually a lot more structured. But… Continue reading The Cracked Limelight – Short Story

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Trumpland: Divided We Stand – Coming Soon

I am very proud to announce that I will be having two short stories published in the upcoming collection Trumpland: Divided With Stand. It will be released on 18th February for Kindle and paperback. This collection features work by some incredible authors (and me) and all profits go to charity. The book's description: Brainwashing implants… Continue reading Trumpland: Divided We Stand – Coming Soon

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Project Aegis – Short Story

My latest short story - Project Aegis. 6th May 2010 an event happened that has been declared a 'sliding doors' moment in British political history. Politician Nigel Farage was involved in a serious accident when the aeroplane he was using to display a banner crashed. If he had died then it is possible that Brexit… Continue reading Project Aegis – Short Story

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Homeward Bound – Short Story

My latest short story - Homeward Bound. A little different from the last story I posted. This one was written in relation to the prompt: 'Despite all the obstacles Jerry saw before him, he just knew he had to get home for Christmas.' I kinda fudged the Christmas part, but I think it was worth… Continue reading Homeward Bound – Short Story

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Virtual Encopresis – Short Story

My latest short story Virtual Encopresis. The prompt for this story was 'Hitting rock bottom was hard, but it was fun getting there.' It was tough to come up with a story that wasn't a rag to riches and back again tale of hubris. I think my take works, let me know in the comments… Continue reading Virtual Encopresis – Short Story

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Standing On A Beach – Short Story

My latest short story. It was based on a writing prompt "And with that, they pulled the shutters down to mark the end of the summer season..." I found this very tough as any attempt turned into a parody of the Bill Murray 'Meatballs' movie. Eventually, I found my groove and came up with a… Continue reading Standing On A Beach – Short Story