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Short Story Collection Published!

I apologise for the gap in posting. I have been working on a few things. One of these is the publishing of two of my short stories in a collection on Amazon. The collection is called Love In The Mind and contains two new stories – both are previously unpublished:

Don’t You Forget (About Me):  Isabelle Bennett gives up her memories to help the human race.

Jumping Someone Else’s Train: Two women try the new legal drug, Mind, for the first time. Can their friendship survive?

Both stories have the theme Women in Love, albeit told in different ways.

Here is the cover for the book (designed by myself – with the aid of two excellent photos from Thanks to Edu Lauton  and Roman Kraft for allowing free commercial use of their beautiful photos.)


The collection is available on Kindle via Amazon internationally and is free for Kindle Unlimited users.

The Amazon UK link is:

The Amazon US link is:

There will be a paperback version coming out in the next couple of days for those that prefer that format. If you don’t have a Kindle you can download the Kindle app via the Apple store or Google Play to read the stories on your phones or tablets.

I hope you enjoy the stories. Please let me know what you think using the email form on the content form, or via Twitter @paulblakeauthor



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